Jamb Failure And Possible Remedies

10 Causes Of Jamb Failure And Possible Remedies

Let us look at the 10 causes of jamb failure and the possible remedies. It is no longer news that the 2023 jamb registration is fast approaching.

It is also true that the rate at which candidates fail jamb is nothing to write home about.

This bad development has raised serious concerns over the media.

Candidates, concerned parents as well as the exam body itself have been asking questions as to what could be the cause of this massive failure.

Since the introduction of the new JAMB examination method in 2013, the failure rate in the annual JAMB examinations have risen so much.

This is partly because a lot of students are unable to match their skills to the JAMB requirements.

The sad part about these failures is that they stem mainly from common avoidable mistakes ‘jambites’ make.

These mistakes arise either in the course of the preparation, registration or the actual examination itself.

As a result of the foregoing, jamb candidates has been asking series of questions as to what the causes of jamb failure are. Some of the frequently asked questions include:

  • Why do candidates fail jamb?
  • What are the major causes of jamb failure?
  • How should one study in order to pass jamb 2023?
  • Must I attend Jamb lessons to pass jamb 2023?
  • Causes of jamb failure and possible remedies?

Well if any of these is your question, you don’t have to worry, this article is written to help interested candidates pass this year’s jamb examination.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first Jamb or your third. The most important thing is that you get to learn from the experiences of others.

Having said much already, look at the 10 major causes of jamb failure as well as possible remedies.

10 Causes Of Jamb Failure And Possible Remedies

1. Ignoring The Jamb syllabus

Every single external examination has its own unique syllabus and jamb is not an exception.

The Jamb syllabus play an important role in ones success as it gives information on what topics to read for a particular subject.

Furthermore, Jamb went ahead and included recommended texts to make things easier for students.

Studying with the aid of a syllabus would help you read better and help ensure that you don’t waste your time studying topics that are irrelevant to your Jamb examination. Ensure to use a current (up-to-date) syllabus when studying.

In case you don’t have the jamb syllabus, it’s not too late, Click HERE to download the jamb syllabus for the 2023 JAMB examination.

2. Forgetting the Jamb Brochure

Just like the jamb syllabus, the jamb brochure is another important thing you shouldn’t joke with. The brochure should not be left out as it prevents unnecessary mistakes when picking courses to offer in the university.

For instance, you want to study medicine in your university of choice and instead of writing English, biology, physics and chemistry, you write English, biology, mathematics and chemistry.

Even if you get 350 in Jamb, your school of choice would still decline your admission during clearance. This is simply because you failed to read the brochure and register the right courses.

Some students even go as far as applying to study courses that their university of choice don’t offer.

Needless to say, it will surely end in tears if any such mistakes are made. The Jamb brochure is a very important tool and candidates should take it seriously.

This is because it offers a guide on how to fill the Jamb form and also offers information on your preferred course of study.

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3. Late Jamb registration

late jamb registration

Jamb gives student enough time for registration and yet, so many applicants still end up registering so late or even missing the registration.

The funny thing is that when you ask them they will tell you they weren’t aware of the deadline for sales of form.

As an applicant, you should be privy to all information concerning your exams, making sure to follow the trail from the moment forms go on sale to the moment the sale ends.

Late registration causes students to be pushed to faraway and sometimes ill equipped centers for their examinations.

This is already a recipe for disaster as it could cause you to go late, miss your exam or even fail an exam you prepared so well for.

4. Study Habits

The best time to have started reading for Jamb was a few months ago, the next best time is now!

Going into any exam unprepared is very unwise as it leads to confusion, disorientation, failure and regrets.

Procrastination which happens to be one of the major problems jambites face must be avoided at all costs as it will most likely result in failure.

It is important to read as often as possible and get used to what you are reading. Study the past questions often and refer to your texts to further cement your knowledge.

Contrary to what some people think, as important as past questions are, they should only serve as a guide to make your studying easier. On this note, past questions should be practiced and not crammed.

Having gone through the jamb syllabus, you should already know the recommended text for the courses you would be taking. Using these texts would aid your studying and make it easier.

Click HERE to see the jamb recommended texts for different courses.

Moreover, it is no longer news that candidates no longer study. This is a very bad habit! How can someone possibly pass an examination he hasn’t prepared for?

If there are exams you can pass without reading, jamb isn’t one of them.

Some of the reasons why students no longer study are listed below

  • Spending so much time on the social media; this is a major killer of time!
  • Home videos, video games, music players and the likes.
  • Spending so much time watching and discussing matters of less importance; football, wrestling etc
  • Spending so much time on frivolities; gossip, arguments etc
  • Love of money; students now think more about money than their books!
  • Keeping unhealthy relationships and bad company

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5. Computer Illiteracy

It is no news that we are in the technology age and as such, computer literacy is an essential skill in any industry.

Since its inception of Computer Based Testing (CBT) in 2013, Jamb has remained steadfast in its decision to switch from PPT and we can see that there would be no going back.

In essence, it is important to understand how to use the very machine that can make or mar your success in this annual examination.

Computer training going on as a way to curb the problem of computer illiteracy among students particularly jambites

If you do not already know how to use a computer, the next best time to learn is now! Computer illiteracy is very rampant amongst students.

Not even all those who are computer literate properly understand how to use the computer for their exams.

For instance, some students would submit their work after writing a single subject forgetting or not realizing that they are only to submit at the end of the entire exam.

On this note, it is essential to go for Computer Based Training and take tests to help you get used to the jamb way of writing exams.

10 Causes of jamb failure and possible Remedies continues……

6. Lack Of Speed

It is just as easy to fail your Jamb examination as it is to pass it. Computer literacy without speed would get you nowhere in your Jamb examinations.

This is because the time allocated to the entire exam will elapse early if you dilly dally and waste time attempting a single question.

With only 40 minutes on the clock for 4 different subjects (some of which may require calculation), any time wasted could lead to your downfall.

Unfortunately for students, there is no option to pause the timer to take a breather or go to relieve oneself.

The entire exam is based on knowledge, speed and accuracy with no time left for confusion. Even the most knowledgeable person will fail the Jamb exam if he/she lacks speed.

To ensure that the time given to you doesn’t pass swiftly without you achieving anything, take the following steps;

  • Take a breather before starting your exam. If you believe in prayer, this would also be a good time to pray and get your nerves under control.
  • Start with your most preferred subject and work your way to the hardest ones. Skip all questions you don’t know and come back to them later.
  • Try your best to attempt all questions, making calculated guesses where you are unsure of an answer.
  • Do not panic, if you are well prepared, follow given instructions and remain calm, you will most definitely succeed.

7. Lateness to exam venue

It is extremely important to arrive at your exam venue on time as lateness would cause disorientation and disorderliness.

10 causes of jamb failure and possible remedies; No 7 is lateness to the exam venue. this has made so many students miss their jamb examination

In your hurry, you may forget essential materials like your Jamb print out. Ensure to leave your house early and if your exam venue is in an unfamiliar area, acquaint yourself with the venue before your exam day.

8. Special Centres

Most candidates intentionally chose to write their exams in the so called miracle centres. They believe that miracles happen in such places. The end result has always been catastrophic.

Most times the entire result of candidates that wrote in such centres are withheld. Always register and write your exams in jamb accredited centres. Most importantly, try and stay out of all possible examination misconducts.

9. Failure to thumbprint before leaving the exam hall

This might sound so irrelevant but it has made so people fail the jamb examination. Your thumbprint is a proof of attendance. If you thumbprint before entering the hall but fail to thumbprint after the examination, what it simply means is that you did not complete the examination and as such you won;t see your result.

Always thumbprint before leaving the exam venue!

10. Cheating In the Course Of The Examination

Without being told, we all know that this is a grave offence.

Once you are caught in this act, it’s a free ticket to the jamb registration centre come the following year. In most cases candidates who are caught in this act are sent to jail.

Try as much as you can to stay away from exam malpractice!

Well, the points discussed above have been identified as the major causes of failure in jamb.

The possible remedies to these problems have also been highlighted. It is left for you as a serious student to do what is right and increase your chances of success.

This is all we have for this topic 10 causes of jamb failure and possible remedies.

You can use the comment section in this article if you have any question or suggestion.

We are always online to help you. Once again, thank you for your time!

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