Proven Ways To Study Better And Pass All Examinations

11 Proven Ways To Study Better And Pass All Examinations


Okay, Let’s look at the most interesting topic for every student “Proven Ways To Study Better and pass All Examinations.”

I don’t know the challenges you face as a student, however one thing is certain, as a student everyone expects you to come home after every semester with the best result.

Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Uncle Cosmas as my students fondly call me. I’m a teacher, a motivator and in short a lover of students and students’ affairs.

I had to introduce myself this way so you understand where I’m coming from. I have met all manner of students, the bright, the average and the dull. After series of interviews with students, I have come to realize that most students find it difficult to understand even after several hours of studying.

I had no other choice but to come up with something to help the students. So, I came up with this article proven ways to study better,remember more and pass all examinations.

I don’t have the privilege to sit down and talk with every student, however I hope through this medium I can get to as many students as possible. We really hope this article can get to a large number of students because truly a lot of them need help.

“Proven ways to study better and pass all examinations”

Many students have come to believe that education isn’t meant for them, this is probably due to their poor academic performances. Well today I am confidently telling you that every soul, every brain can do well in academics. The simple trick is getting what works for your own brain.

The human brain is just a “gabbage in gabage out” machine,which simply means, what you give to your brain is what your brain will give to you when you need it.

Our objective is that at least after reading this article we will be able to turn an empty mind into an open one. Now I hope the introduction is assuring enough? let’s get down to the main gist!

Please remember that this is an exercise to awaken the potentials in you, to unleash the locked power of your brain.

It’s not some sort of paracetamol for headache. Don’t expect it to work overnight, however as you continue with these routines, your subsequent semester results by the grace of God will be a testimony.

Let’s look at some of the things that will change you academic performance for good!


Proven Ways To Study Better

I don’t know what or who you believe in, but whatever or whoever it is you believe in, make sure you commit every study session into his hands.

If you’re a Christian just like I am, make sure you pray to God before opening any text you intend to read. You don’t necessarily need to pray for hours, just a short prayer.

Ask God to open your mind and get it prepared for the exercise ahead. This is just like clearing the farm before starting any other process. It is that important and you don’t need to ignore this point.


This has proven to be very effective! When I say know your best time and your best location what do I mean? what I mean is this, most students study and understand better at night while some study and understand better in the early hours of the day.

Now if you’re a night reader, stick to it. Don’t force yourself to read during the early hours of the day maybe because you have a friend who understands better during this time and he does better than you in class. You will end up not only stressing yourself but punishing your brain and your health.

This is probably why you hear students saying that after reading for hours they still can’t understand a thing. Most times It’s not because you are too dull or that your brain is blocked. It is simply because you are doing the right thing at the wrong time.

This is one of the proven ways to study, it is also very effective.

Now coming to the issue of location

Have you ever met those students who read with their music volume turned to the highest and yet they understand every single thing they read?

If you have, now have you also met those ones who often look for a place as calm as a burial ground before they can understand what they read?

Now this should tell you something; most students read and understand in a noisy environment, while some need a quiet atmosphere for them to assimilate.  You just have to find out the category to which you belong.

Your first job as a student who wants to be successful academically is to discover yourself and this includes knowing when and where you read and understand better!

I’ll give you a practical example, when I was an undergraduate, I had this roommate Victor.

Now Victor is a very bright student but he doesn’t play with his early morning sleep! Now I myself i read and understand anytime I open my book but some hard courses I prefer reading them in the early hours of the day. I don’t joke with my night rest.

Remember i had a roommate who doesn’t play with his early morning sleep. We both came out with a first class. Do you know why we were both successful in school?

It’s very simple,I never tried to copy victor and Victor never tried to copy me. If any of us had done this, the person will end up having the worst semester result. It’s that simple, discover yourself! What works for you will definitely not work for me!

In fact if you are looking for proven ways to study, the first thing is to understand yourself!


Without mincing words, I am a solo reader! I understand and assimilate faster when i read alone. But, this not withstanding i had one friend who is ever ready to pick my call and open his doors anytime i need his assistance.

Now when I say get a reading partner, this is the kind of friend i’m talking about. I don’t necessarily mean a group of people coming together to do reading competition! No! I’m not talking about that, as a matter of fact, try as much as you can to stay away from this kind of people.

You don’t have to compete! yes, you heard me right. Just go at your own pace , make sure you understand every bit of what you read.

There’s no way a lecturer will set every goddamn thing he taught in class. Just make sure you can defend yourself in that small part you have read.  This is just the simple truth.

Most times trying to get it all, you lose it all! Just make sure you’re confident enough and can answer 70% of the questions in that chapter of the textbook you have read.


Now let’s use this my friend Henry as a case study.

Henry isn’t as bright as every other student in our crew but he’s the one i admire the most. I never told him but Henry’s lifestyle towards reading taught me that another category of students existed.

What is so special about Henry? I will tell you right away! Henry will read a 4-pages handout and summarize it in 20-pages! 

Now the question is what type of summary is this? You won’t understand until you go through Henry’s summary book. In fact when I want to teach I’ll collect Henry’s summary book and give it to my students to read first before I start teaching.

Do you know why? Henry will use his own words to summarize a handout, reading the handout will make you feel you’re discussing with the inventor of the course himself. He was never ashamed doing this. He will always pause at the middle of a lecture to make a very long note.

Sometimes I ask him why and he’ll say, “since I’m not as bright as you all, i have to find a way to survive and this is the way. If i don’t write this out now, I’ll probably get confused when I try to read this handout again.”

Let’s pause the Henry story here. I hope you learnt something from Henry? He isn’t so bright yet he was the second overall best in his department.

This is the power of making notes while reading. Don’t assume you will remember it all. Make sure you jot things out in your own words while reading. It has helped many, I’m sure it will help you too! Learn from Henry! He discovered himself and what works for him! It’s that simple, just sit back and do that which works for you.


One of the proven ways to study  better is to read your jotter whenever you’re less busy.

Writing things out while reading is not good enough, you have to read this note whenever you can. This will make you get familiar with the words and everything in your note.

If you read your jotter over time, you will discover something; the second reading is always easier and faster than the first one. I don’t know if you have tried this before, if you have not, try it.

Have you ever wondered why you still remember most of your nursery school rhymes? It’s very simple, you sing those rhymes almost everyday. This same thing applies to reading your jotter constantly.

You will just get used to the words, the definition, diagrams and every other thing in the jotter.


If you’re looking for proven ways to study, I think this is the most effective way to remember and retain whatever you have read.

After reading a text, summarize it then get yourself a student.

Don’t just get someone who will sit back and accept everything you say. Get yourself a student who will always ask you questions. Not just stupid questions but questions that will test even your own understanding of the text.

When you are able to defend yourself and provide answers to this type of student, trust me, you can face every examination from that text. Try this next semester and tell us what the outcome is.

“Proven Ways To Study Better And Pass All Examinations continues…..”


After reading a text, make sure you discuss or debate this text with someone who is better than you are academically.

Why Should you do this? It’s very simple, most times what you think is correct is not totally correct.

Your interpretation of some things might not be correct. Maybe it’s just a mere coincidence. I think engineering students will understand better. Sometimes you approach a problem with a wrong method and still get the right answer. This notwithstanding doesn’t make your approach right.

Unless you debate this with someone who’s better than you are, you’re going to take this wrong approach to the exam hall and trust me, you’re going to fail honorably! This is the simple truth that most of us don’t want to hear. Your interpretation of everything cannot be totally correct all the time. Come on! get out there and debate that text!


Just as you write things out while reading a text, make sure to set questions for yourself too from the same text.

Set as many questions as possible based on what you have read. The truth is on the exam day, you are not going to set questions for yourself. However, if the standard of the questions you set for yourself were good enough, trust me no question will throw you off balance in the exam hall.

You just have to think for some time and BOOM what to do will come to your mind. This is a proven way to study better, it worked for most of my students.

Remember what I’m sharing with you here in this article is what I have tried with several other persons and the result was really amazing. I really hope you get something that will work for you after reading this article.


Uhmmm…. I know most of us expected this point to be the number one.

Well, initially it’s always my number one until I met students like Paul. I was so lucky to have different kind of personalities  in my department back then in school.

Just like Henry, Paul was another kind of human being I’ve never seen before. What did Paul do? Paul comes to class only but once or twice in a week. He continued this way until i had to notice it. He will always call me to help him sign the attendance register.

Initially i thought Paul wasn’t serious with his studies until i saw one of his semester result. God! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a bright student i exclaimed!

I started studying Paul just like I did with every student in my department.  It was only then that I realized that Paul only come to school on days the lecturer will be coming to teach courses he did not understand.

He only comes to school to listen to courses he couldn’t understand on his own and to evaluate his lecturer. You often hear him say ” this kain question no fit comot for exam.” Is he the lecturer? No he’s not! But he’s evaluating his lecturer that’s why he said the question won’t come out. 70% of the time, this worked for Paul.

What am I suggesting? When you attend lectures, don’t just listen to your lecturer,try to evaluate him too. From the question he asks often in class, you can predict the kind of questions you’re expecting from him during the exam period. Do this with all your lecturers if possible.


Still on the subject matter, proven ways to study better, to be honest, you need to be healthy before you can do any of the above mentioned.

Studying needs maximum concentration. You can’t concentrate when you’re hungry or sick. It’s never possible!

So for you to be healthy, you need to eat well, get enough rest and play whenever it’s necessary.

In fact many students don’t know but exercises help in the proper functioning of the human brain. This is true. i know what I’m telling you. Play, but don’t overplay. I’m sure we still remember that popular saying ” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is true in all cases so don’t joke with your health!


It’s hard to admit, but the truth is, there’s no way you will understand everything. It’s never possible!

The funny truth is most of your lecturers don’t even understand everything in their course outline. This is funny right? But it’s the truth. So you have no option but to cram when necessary.

Some courses you just don’t understand them. You just have to believe whatever you see in the text.

However, its advisable to try your possible best to understand as much as possible to minimize your cramming. Use acronyms to cram. It’s the easiest way to cram that which you cannot understand.

We’re gradually coming to the end of this article “Proven Ways To Study Better And Pass All Examinations.” 

This article is open to updates. Please let’s help our fellow students. Most of them are really struggling.

You have the information to make their life easier. Please don’t keep it to yourself. The best investment you can ever think of is investing in humans. Invest in someone today, don’t tell him just answers in the exam hall, help him grow too. You cannot be there for him at all times. If you don’t have anything to contribute, just help this article get to as many students as possible. it’s part of the job.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Cosmas, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

This is all we have for you on proven ways to study better. Hope this article was helpful?

You can use the comment section to ask any question bothering you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends particularly those preparing for the 2023 post UTME.

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