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7 Factors Affecting Students Academic performance

In today’s blog, you will discover 7 factors Affecting Students Academic performance. Continue reading to learn more.

At times, you may notice that your students Academic performance is very low and sometimes it is high. Do you know why?

This is because there are some certain factors that affect the students Academic performance.

I don’t know how long you searched but I can assure you that naijaschoolz.com is here today with your answers.

These factors can either make the students Academic performance low or very high.

Factors Affecting Students Academic performance

Factors Affecting Students Academic performance include but not limited to the following:

Learning Environment

One may ask how does the learning environment affects the students Academic performance.

Well, it may interest you to know that when the students learning environment is uncomfortable, it affects the students Academic performance.

The type of environment a student studies in is directly responsible for his academic performance in some cases.

If a student finds himself in an environment where his peers bullies him, the student is liable to lose focus on his studies and this in turn affects his academic performance.

Some of these students are unwilling to attend school because they are afraid of the bullies in school.

When a student is unwilling to come to school, he is liable to miss important lectures and this affects his academic performance.

There are some students who lost the eagerness in school because their learning environment is not comfortable for them anymore.

This leads to shortage in attendance and thus affects the students Academic performance.

Having a conversation with his fellow students, solving tasks in a class, can help a student develop interest in the course, and eventually, it affects their overall academic performance positively.

The background of the Student’s Family 

The family background here does not necessarily mean the class of the family or the generational root of the student’s family.

The family background here is the internal condition of the students’ household.

The internal conflict of the family usually affects the students rate of concentration in class.

Sometimes, the students gets back from school to meet an atmosphere unfavorable for him to study at home and this affects their academic performance.

Research shows that the students from troubled household is liable to experience concentration issues while in class.

We advise parents, to exclude your children from the dark matters of the household as this affects the students rate of concentration during studies.

Unbalanced Diets 

An unbalanced diet can actually affect the students Academic performance.

Do you actually think that reducing your food appetite, taking caffeine, studying till late at night and sleeping less ensures a good academic result?

The answer is not always yes, depending on caffeine, not having enough sleeping hours actually affects the ability to learn, retain and think.

Maintaining a balanced diet, taking adequate sleep, observing study breaks, are very important steps to improve the students academic record.

Disrupted Minds 

Disruption during is taken for granted in some schools.

However, students concentration in class are often disrupted and this affects their academic performance.

Oftentimes, students engage in activities which disrupts their concentration to lectures.

Some of these activities include: new gadgets, new habits, excessive watching of television programs, thinking about past friendship and many others.

Just as the saying goes ” You cannot serve two masters at the same time”. These activities leads to having divided attention when the lectures are going on and this may lead to a poor academic performance.

In order to prevent students from unnecessary distractions and work better towards their academic goals, we recommend introducing leisure reading, counseling sessions, and hobby classes to the school curriculum.

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Academic Performance Pressure

What is Academic performance Pressure? 

Academic performance pressure refers to when a student feels he critically need to perform at a high level to achieve a better academic record.

This might be due to the unrealistic expectations of the students family.

Academic performance Pressure affects the student’s ability to coordinate, focus and judge, it also speeds up breathing and creates unwanted tension.

These factors can negatively affect performance, causing the student to panic and rush.

It has been proven that Academic performance pressure is harmful to the mental health of the child and this causes a serious reduction in their academic performance.

Parents and teachers need to oversee that students are not stressed for fear and stress are not good for grades.

Loss of Interest 

A courses or subject cannot be all students favorite, to some students, it is their favorite while to some it is not.

it is rather unwise to expect the students to perform exceptionally well in all of them at all times.

There are situations where the students tends to lose interest in a particular topic, the will to study and prepare for their examinations.

It is understandable but harmful to the students Academic performance.

However, we recommend sharing such challenge with your teachers, so they can help you overcome the such challenge.

Difficulty in Understanding Some Topics 

Some topics can be difficult to study, understand and prepare for their exams without the supervision of an expert.

However, missing a lecture when these topics are taught may be unlucky for the students as it affects their academic performance.

We recommend providing an extra classes for students who have difficulties in understanding the syllabus.

So if your child is facing any problem in his  academic performance, we suggest you help, guide him, and try to understand his side of the story.

This is all we have for you on 7 Factors Affecting Students Academic performance.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Paschal, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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