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9 Tips on How to Manage Your study Time

In this blog, we will be discussing with you 9 Tips on how to Manage Your study time. How best to mange your study time to attain great difference.

Time Management

Time Management is the wise use of your time to the fullest to obtain maximum satisfaction.

Time they say, is not anybody’s companion, time wastes is not on anyone side.

However, you can make the best of use of your study time and still achieve your set goals in Academics when managed properly.

How do you make use of your as a student or do you just flow with how you see yourself daily?

I don’t know how long you searched but I can assure you that is here today with your answers.

Your jobs, chores are not to supposed to an obstacle to your study time.

Effective study of your study time result to good performance is your Academics.

Tips on How to Manage Your Study Time

Tips on how to Manage your study include but not limited to the following:

I can guarantee you that if you adhere to these tips well, you will improve in your performance greatly.

Create a Timetable

Timetable is the representation of how you will spend your time in a tabular form.

It can be interval of minutes, hours, depending on how occupied you are with your other chores.

Create a time for you to study on a planner book manually or you can set it  up on any of application in your smartphones and personal Computers digitally.

Follow the timetable you created prompt, no matter any distractions, try to stick to the time u created for your studies.

Set an Objective 

Set an objective, discover what you spend waste of your time doing. For instance, if you spend 4 hours of your playing videogames, and playing soccer.

You may want to reduce it to 2hours, by doing so, you have extra 2hours of your time to do more important things.

Also, cutting these hours out of your time will help reduce the risk of addiction.

Use Your Break time Judiciously

One of the major part of how you mange your of study is what you do with your break time.

Apart from spending your break time doing time, the break time can serve as an extra time for you.

For example, assuming you want to buy some food items from the market and you have one hour interval between two lectures.

The break period is the perfect opportunity for you to buy the food items before the next lecture commences.

When you start using your break time judiciously, it will be as if you had more time to do what you actually want to do.

Make Use of Checklists 

What is a checklist? 

A checklists can be defined a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

It keeps reminding you what you are to do next and the time for it to be done.

Also, making use a checklist weekly will help you manage your time especially when you are in school.

You can do so by practicing it out. For example, at the beginning of every week, write down every projects, assignments given that are due to submit that week.

Also, you can write it down in your timetable, so you will not forget any of them, or it becomes overloaded for you.

Make use of Technology 

Time Management is most effective when technology is your friend.

There is an arrangement of application (Time Manger) in the Google play store that would help you do things.

Furthermore, some already existing simple tools like the calendars, timers, on your mobile devices can be used as a time Manger.

Solve simpler and small tasks first

It is possible and normal for you to feel overloaded when an examination is fast approaching and this may cause you to start procrastinating.

In this case, I advise you to solve the simpler and small such as: assignments and projects first before procrastination weighs you down.

Start with the ones that will not take much time to solve, so you can move over to the tasks quickly.

Adopt the principle of Doing one thing at a Time 

Just as the saying goes “You can only do one thing at a time”.

It is also applicable here, when it is time for your studies, get rid of any possible distraction around you.

It may be your smart phones, watching your favorite television shows, having a gist with your buddies.

Get rid of them all at the moment and no matter what, do not switch sides till the end of your studies.


Take a time off for yourself, It is very important. Some may be basking what I meant by take a time off for yourself.

It does not necessarily mean you should be doing nothing in your period of “time off”.

This is a period you meditate on what you have studied so far and how far you’ve gone in studies.

Spending long hours on textbooks solving on questions you need to break away from these things and give your mind a rest. 

Research over the years, suggests that meditation makes the brain’s ability to process information more efficiently.

Ask Questions

Not just asking questions but asking the right questions.

Make good use of academic resources help balance, your time, studies and your work life.

Reach to online schools that offer interaction between peers and ask for support.

This is all we have for you on tips on how to Manage Your study time.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Paschal, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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