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This is the contact us page of If you wish to advertise with us, send any valuable information, work with us or report a problem please make sure the information gets to us.

Contact us page of naijaschoolz

We ensure to attend to all the comments on our articles. Our support team is always online to clear your doubts and make sure you get the necessary attention.

However, if you have any questions or concerns as regards any article which is not published on this site just send an email directly to the official naijaschoolz email

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If you want to work with us or advertise with us and you feel sending the mail to the blog’s official mail will take a longer time to process, you can simply send the CEO of a direct mail on


If we do not reply you after forty-eight(48) hours, please do well to resubmit your information.

Also, there is a real person behind those email, please be nice with your statements.

Thank you for your time!!! I still remain your humble friend uncle Cosmas