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Giftalworld Online Platform | All You Need To Know

Ok! On today’s episode of earn money with your smartphone anywhere anytime we will be looking at Giftalworld online platform.

Giftalworld? New to you right? Well don’t stress a muscle. In this article we are going to reveal everything you need to about Giftalworld?

Since this coronavirus pandemic hit the world, so many people particularly the nation’s workforce have been affected badly. In a bid to help this situation, so many people have been searching online for an alternative source of income.

Remember your bills will not reduce because you are now indoors, its even increasing because you are spending much with little or no earning.

What if We tell you you can more than you spend daily just by staying online and performing simple tasks? This is good news right? Sure it is! This is why we bring Giftalworld, the fastest online payment platform to your doorstep.

I know what you are thinking right now, is it any different from MMM and other ponzi schemes that folded? Well, no matter what I say at this juncture as regards this question, you will feel I’m just trying to convince you so why don’t you try it out and see for yourself.

Enough of the introduction, let’s officially go into the topic of the day “Giftalworld Online Platform | All You Need To Know.”

What Is Giftalworld?

This is the first question a reasonable person will ask when he comes in contact with a new business idea. Giftalworld is an online news sharing platform. One of the arms of Giftalworld technology.

Giftalworld technology is incoporated with corporate affairs Commission with the registration number 2680874.

What Does Giftalworld Do?

At Giftalworld, We source first hand news on happenings within the country and around the globe from National papers, Google, local and foreign bloggers to benefit our readers worldwide.

Why Should You Join Giftalword?

Well, there are so many reasons why you should key into this money making opportunity. As a matter of fact we can’t possibly list all the reasons here let us just highlight the most important ones.

  • You have nothing to lose by joining giftalworld
  • I don’t need to remind you of the economic hardship in this country
  • As a blogger, giftalworld is a huge opportunity to build your backlinks and domain authority
  • You get value for the MB you use
  • By joining giftalworld, you will be updated on the happenings around the world not just Nigeria
  • You can work from your home, as a matter of fact you can work from the comfort of your bed
  • You don’t need a CV or an application letter to work with Giftalworld
  • Lock down or no lock down, quarantine or no quarantine, giftalworld pays you.
  • If you are a proficient writer, you will be paid for writing articles on giftalworld. You are paid for doing what you do best! Imagine.
  • The underlying statement here is that you get paid for everything you do on giftalworld

What Do I Need To Work With Giftalworld?

I know at this point so many persons will say, “I’m interested but I don’t have a laptop.” Well, you don’t necessarily need a laptop to work with giftalworld. All you need is that particular smartphone with which you are reading this article.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use a laptop, however, not having a laptop should not be an excuse for not joining Giftalworld.

The most important ingredient you need to cook this delicious meal is your data connection. That is to say, you must have an active data plan to explore this wonderful money making opportunity.

Is Giftalworld A Scam?

Well, if you have read every paragraph of this article I wonder why your village people are still telling you that Giftalworld is a scam just to make sure you don’t join this wonderful opportunity.

For the records, Giftalworld has been in existence since 2018. You are just hearing it today because of the situation of things not just in our country but around the world.

If you have been to the Giftalworld official website, you will notice that there are so many ads running on that site. Your registration fee is just a token compared to the income the owners of that site are making daily.

Click here to access the official Giftalworld website>>

How Do I Earn On Giftalwolrd Online Platform?

Its getting interesting right? Right now you want to know how you can earn on Giftalworld. We will give you a breakdown of how you can earn on giftalworld. You will also see why I call this platform the fastest and the most effective online payment platform.

  • You get a sign up bonus of #3000 upon activation of your account. This amount reflects immediately on your GAS once you log in. This is just the welcome bonus you get for registering on this platform.
  • For each person you refer, you get a referral bonus of #1500
  • For each sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, you get #500.
  • You get #50 for every news you read
  • If you are a proficient writer, you get #100 for every standard article you write
  • Each day you login on the site, you earn #200
  • If your testimony has the most likes on giftalworld Facebook page, you get #500 worth of airtime
  • If by chance you are among the monthly raffle draw winners, you get a whooping sum of #100,000

Now with all these payment method, tell me why you shouldn’t join Giftalworld. Don’t allow your village people deceive you. People are cashing out on a daily and you are still asking if it is real or fake.

How To Register On The Giftalworld Online Platform

There are so many ways you can register on the giftalworld platform. However I understand how careful people are with spending these days so I’m going to share with you the fastest and simplest way of registration.

  • Log in to Giftalworld
  • Fill in the form with your first name, last name, username, a valid email and generate a password
  • During the registration, you will see a box which reads “register as paid,” leave this box checked ( marked)
  • Tick the terms and conditions box and finally click on register
  • After registration, a form will pop up asking you to enter your activation code, click anywhere outside this box to exit the activation code page since you don’t have an activation yet.
  • Below the registration from, you will see the log in button, log in with the username and password you just created.

See the image below for a step by step guide

Giftalworld Online Platform | All You Need To Know

After step 4, the box below will pop up, click outside to exit the box and login with your details.

Now your registration is successful, to activate your account, you need the activation code.

How To Get An Activation Code

To get your activation code, you need to login to your account. Once you log in you are going to see GET ACTIVATION CODE button, click on it it and follow the steps listed there.

There are so many distributors that can help you with the activation code. However, I will recommend you go through this lady, she is always online and will send your activation code once she gets the credit alert.

You can still choose any distributor of your choice if you want. Just make sure you chat the person up before making any payment. I just want a smooth registration for you that is why I am recommending her.

Pay the registration fee of #3000 to this account and send a proof of payment to her whatsapp number.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0435211906


WHATSAPP NUMBER: 07069227410

Once you get the activation code, go to your account and apply the activation code and you are good to go.

Congratulations to you! Trust me you won’t regret joining this online platform.

Don’t forget, to register visit the official giftalworld website at

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Giftalworld Online Platform

Does Giftalworld pay without referrals?

YES! Giftalworld pays you with or without referral earnings. Ignore other information stating otherwise. So many people have been paid without referral earning, I wonder why you are still thinking you must refer someone before you can cash out.

When do Giftalworld pay?

Giftaworld pays GAF earners Daily with Minimum of ₦4,500 daily. They pay within 5hrs of Request.
While GAS Earners are paid Every 2 weeks or monthly with Minimum 5,000

How Do I Register Someone With My Referral Link?

To register someone with your referral link, first of all you need to generate your referral link. To generate your referral link

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click on referral link and generate your referral link
  • Copy this referral link and share it with your friends. Once they register through this your link, you will get your referral earning of #1500

How do I Withdraw my Earnings on giftalworld?

Referral earnings can be withdrawn anyday, anytime through wallet on your dashboard however, your
activities earnings can be withdrawn every 2 weeks or monthly  through GAS form on your Dashboard.

What is G.A.S?

GAS in giftalworld is an acronymn which stands for GIFTAL ADs SHARE. It is the Revenue giftalworld generates through their advertising partners just as I said earlier in this article.

What Is G.A.F?

GAFin giftalworld simply means GIFTAL AFFILIATE. It is the money you get for referring people to register on this platform. It is simply your referral earning.

This is all we have for you on this topic Giftalworld online plaftorm and all you need to know about this platform. As you can see, it is not a scam. Don’t allow your village people deceive you. Join now and make money from the comfort of your home. NO CV, NO Application letter required for you to start earning.

Do not be stingy with this article, share it with as many friends as possible. Help clear their doubts and put a smile on their faces. Remember indoors or not, quarantined or not, you still have bills to pay. Key into this opportunity and make money from your home.




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