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How to pass 2023 post Utme-11 tips to help you pass 2023 post UTME

Hey! We are back again today with one of the most interesting topic for every aspirant. Today we will be revealing the “11 Proven Tips On How To Pass 2023 Post-UTME.”

Trust me after reading this article you will be filled with positive energy! All you will be thinking of after reading this article is how to celebrate your matriculation into your dream university. I’m very serious about what I just said.

So many candidates have come to believe that passing post-UTME is almost an impossible mission. Well, I wouldn’t want to say its a big lie because truly post-UTME have frustrated many candidates.

I don’t know what you have heard about the post-UTME exercise, I don’t know what you have experienced but trust me if you do the needful, you will realize that post-UTME is not as tough as they say it is.

By the needful, I mean following the guidelines we are going to discuss later in this article.

If you are still doubting how true or how effective these tips can be, then it means you did not read my previous article titled “Proven Ways To Study Better and pass All Examinations.” If you read this article, you will know that something great is about to be unfolded again.

Just as the name suggests, Post-UTME is simply an exercise organised by various universities to admit candidates who can actually defend their UTME (jamb) scores.

As we all know, many things happen in the jamb examination hall, some students even go to the extent of writing their exams in special centers.

So this exercise is conducted to admit only suitable and qualified candidates using success in the screening exercise as a criteria.

Over the years, there has been massive failure in post-UTME organized by universities across the country. Sometimes, we see candidates with very high JAMB score failing this exercise woefully.

Consequent upon, many students particularly the serious ones have been looking for the solution to this problem.

They have been searching online for tips to help them pass 2023 post-UTME.

This hunt for the solution to post UTME failure by Nigerian students have led to the following searches:

  • How to prepare for 2023 post-UTME
  • How to pass post-UTME examination
  • Proven tips on how to pass 2023 post-UTME
  • How to study and prepare for the 2023 post-UTME
  • Guidelines to pass the 2023 post-UTME screening exercise
  • How to use the past questions to study for the post-UTME
  • How to use jamb syllabus to prepare for post-UTME

Well, if you are among the few candidates constantly searching for any of the things listed above, just know that the answer to your questions is right in front of you.

In this article we are going to discuss the 11 proven tips on how to pass the 2023 post-UTME. By proven, I mean it has worked for many, I’m sure your case won’t be different.

11 Proven Tips On How To Pass 2023 Post-UTME

  • Commit Every Thing Into The Hands Of God

Well, I don’t know who or what you believe in, but whoever or whatever it is that you believe in, make sure you commit everything into HIS or its hand before starting. Even the bible says that all good and perfect things comes from above.

This is the first and arguably the most important tip. Do not play with the G-factor.

  • Forget Your Jamb Score

So many students fail post-UTME because of their jamb scores.

Candidates with high jamb score feel they have arrived. They feel they already have what it takes to be admitted into their department of choice.

On the other hand, those with low jamb score feel there’s nothing to fight for. They feel all hope is lost. They feel those with high jamb score will be admitted first.

Well, the truth of the matter is that post UTME plays a very important role in the admission process.

Your low jamb score should motivate you to work harder not discourage you.

Over the years we have seen candidates with low jamb score and high post UTME score getting admitted even before those with high jamb scores. Remember your post UTME score is a proof that you wrote your Jamb yourself.

If you have a low jamb score and a high post utme score, it means certain factors contributed to your low jamb score. This is not the case when you have a high jamb score and a low post UTME score.

On the other hand, if your jamb score is high, try as much as possible to get a high post UTME score too, you might not be so lucky next year!

  • Make Sure You Are  Punctual To The Exam Hall / Venue

There is nothing as good as being punctual to your exam venue. Normally,before every exam, certain important information are passed across to the candidates.

Asides from the information, if you are punctual to your exam venue, you will have enough time to settle down and think about things you read.

Recollection matters a lot. You need some time to recollect and think about things you have read.

  • Time Management (Using Your Time Effectively)

When I say time management, I don’t necessarily mean the time you spend at home. The time you use to study and all that. No! that’s not what I mean in this context.

What I mean is the time you spend in the examination hall. The duration for the examination. I’m sure that you have heard before now that the time for the examination ranges from 30-45 minutes depending on the school.

I’m here to tell you that if you think that this 45 minutes is the normal 45 minutes you know then, you are simply a joke! Its as simple as this.

You might not understand this till you enter the exam hall. I advise you ask some of your friends who participated in this exercise last year. I think they might have some stories to tell you as regards the post UTME timing.

Once you enter the exam, try as much as possible to be fast as you can. Any question you are not sure of, please chose a random answer.

Yes I know you are expecting me to say, skip it and come back later, the truth of the matter is that you may not even have enough time to attempt other questions let alone coming back to the ones you skipped.

However, if you are fortunate enough to revisit your work then you can think about some other alternatives but please for the first time, do not leave it blank.

Please take this point very seriously, you will come back to thank me when the time is right.

  • Study With The Post UTME Past Question

Did I ever say cram the answers to the questions in the post UTME past questions? No! I never said so, I said study with the post UTME past questions.


study the post UTME past questions, one of the 11 proven tips on how to pass 2020 post UTME


Its actually disheartening to learn that what most students do whenever they lay their hands on any past question paper is to cram the answers to the past questions. You see some of them reciting and quoting the past questions and answers as if they are reciting psalm 23.

No offence, but, this can not and will not help you. The ideal thing to do is to use the post UTME past questions as a guide.

Every question in the post UTME past questions and answers was taken from a given topic. What you should do whenever you come across a question is to access your knowledge of the topic. If your knowledge of the topic is shallow, then you need to revisit that topic, study it thoroughly then come back to attempt the question.

Cramming only limits your ability, it makes it difficult for you to attempt other questions from the same topic as the one in the past question and answer. Please, study with the past questions, don’t cram anything!

  • Study With The Jamb Past Questions

Since post UTME is just like a confirmatory test to show that you are the owner of your Jamb score, its not totally impossible for questions to come from the jamb past questions. However, this does not mean that you should dwell so much on the jamb past questions.

  • Widen Your Knowledge On General Studies

Most of the post UTME questions are based on general studies. By general studies I mean things like current affairs. To increase your chances of success in the post UTME screening exercise, make sure you widen your knowledge on current affairs and the likes.

  • Form a good study Group

The importance of a good and reliable study group cannot be overemphasized.  There are students who learn faster and understand better when taught by other students.

Apart from this, it is usually hard to forget a discussion. Whenever you come across a difficult topic, it is always advisable to make such topic a discussion topic for your study group.

It is almost impossible to discuss a topic in a group and still not get a clue that will help you understand that topic better during your private study.

Moreover, there’s always a “question and answer time” in every study group. Most of the times what you see in the exam hall is not totally different from what you solve during this question and answer session.

This is probably the main function and reason for the establishment of lesson centers. It is however quite unfortunate that most of these centres do not carryout this function judiciously.

  • Make Enquiries

Experience they say is the best teacher. If this is your first post-UTME, make sure you ask those who have been there before how tough or simple the exam is.

Ask them questions regarding the nature of the exam, the time and every other thing you want to know. They are in a better position to answer your questions. If possible make sure you ask someone who wrote last year.

  • Work Smart Not Hard

Knowing what to read for every examination gives you an edge over other students.

By smart work I mean read with the necessary materials, read the relevant topics, study with the recommended textbooks and cram when necessary.

If you have been looking for how to pass the 2020 post UTME then this article "10 proven tips to pass 2023 post UTME" is for you

  • Learn How To Organize Yourself When Tensed

Have you ever wondered why you forget the answer to some questions while in the exam hall but remember them after submitting your answer booklet?

Well, the answer to this question is simple; inability or lack of self organization when tensed.

It is normal for a candidate to be tensed in an examination hall particularly when writing an external examination such as post UTME. However the ability to organize oneself when tensed is what most students lack.

This is a major cause of exam failure and any candidate who wishes to pass should make conscious effort towards organizing his/her self when tensed.

  • Obey All Rules and Regulations Of The Examination

The last but arguably one of the most important proven tips to pass 2023 post UTME is to obey all rules and regulations of the examination.

Over the years, many students have been disqualified or sent out of the exam hall simply because they failed to obey the simple rules and regulations of the examination.

Some of the rules and regulations to obey include but not limited to:

  • Never enter the examination hall with your GSM phone
  • Avoid examination malpractice of all kinds
  • Unless otherwise stated, do not enter the exam hall with your calculator
  • Avoid impersonation of all kinds
  • Do not enter the exam hall with any piece of paper whether blank or not

Apart from the 11 tips discussed above,  there are however some silent tips that will guarantee your success in any examination not just 2023 post UTME.

Some of these tips include but not limited to:

  1. Do not engage in any question and answer of any sort at the exam venue. What I mean is, while waiting for the examination to commence, do not try to engage in any sort of question and answer session.
  2. Do not try to learn a new concept or topic few nights to the exam. Revise what you know and make sure you can defend yourself in topics you have read.
  3. Do not eat few minutes into the examination hall. Your comfort matters a lot. Eating few minutes into the exam hall might lead to stomach upset or other stomach related problems.
  4. Make sure you submit your script by yourself. There is no known penalty yet for allowing the system submit your script. However, it is advisable to submit your script and not wait for the computer to do this for you.

This is all we have for you on this topic. Hope this article was helpful?

You can use the comment section to ask any question bothering you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends particularly those preparing for the 2023 post UTME.

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