International Scholarship

International Scholarship : Guide & Best Scholarship Programs

International Scholarship

An international scholarship is a type of financial aid or financial help given to students for their foreign education by colleges, universities, organizations, and foundations. Scholarships for international students are not financial awards. They typically take the kind of full or partial tuition fee waivers, which lower your overall education costs by paying all or some of them.

Importance of International Scholarship

Beyond the financial advantages that come with foreign scholarships, having a scholarship listed on your resume is always advantageous. Although obtaining study abroad scholarships for international students requires a meticulous process, doing so is always seen as a bonus for both academic advancement and career opportunities. It helps you to improve your language skills as well as to learn about the culture. It also helps you to build your confidence level and impress employers.

Points to follow for getting International Scholarship

In this section, I will let you know important points to keep in mind when you are applying for scholarships.

Choose the right College or University

Various scholarships are available for students at universities and colleges. Here is some news for you in this regard, both good and bad. The bad news is that many scholarships are not available to international students. This kind of scholarship is usually funded by money provided to the university by the government of the state. That is why only domestic students can obtain them. There are still several universities and colleges that have established scholarships for international students. Check to see if an institution has scholarships available for international students when choosing the right university or college. Many have “automatic” scholarships, meaning the overseas student will receive some type of automatic scholarship when they are admitted.

Improve your English Skills

Most scholarships will require  your English skills are strong enough for you to be accepted into the course or program. Therefore, before enrolling for these programs, make sure that you feel at ease speaking English.

Improve your Academics

If you are seeking for scholarships (particularly merit based scholarships), work on achieving good grades and taking advantage of any chances that your college or university has to offer. Most institutions will be looking at your academic ability and then decide if you are eligible or not.

Prepare a complete file of your Documents

Depending on the scholarship, you may need to present extra documentation. Some additional material includes acceptance letters, transcripts, and essays. More than likely you may need to compose an essay for a scholarship application. A common practice among international students is to write one essay, then use it to submit applications for numerous scholarships. While we recognize it is easy, it can greatly impair your chances of earning a scholarship. While many of the essay’s components can be reused, you must make sure that at least a portion of it is tailored to the scholarship you are asking for. You must argue why you are the most deserving candidate for this scholarship.

Meet the updates for Scholarship Applications

The number of overseas students seeking scholarships is substantial. You have just ensured that you would not have any chance of obtaining the scholarship if you miss the deadline for submitting your application. Regardless of how well your scholarship essay performed.

Best International Scholarship Programs

In this section, I will tell you about best 9 international scholarships programs.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Enrolled on one of Erasmus Mundus’ joint master degrees, you could get a complete scholarship covering your tuition fees and your living costs. Typically spanning between one and two years, the program would send you to at least two participating universities headquartered overseas.

Full Bright Scholarship (US)

For international citizens who have earned a bachelor’s degree or a degree equivalent, it is a pretty fascinating program. As the scholarship is funded by the U.S. government, it financially supports the full program in its entirety. 155 nations from all over the world participate in Full Bright programmes to conduct research and study in all subjects! It is primarily offered to widen cultural divides and foster more understanding between Americans and individuals from other nations.

Common Wealth Scholarships (UK)

One of the top scholarship commissions in the UK is Common Wealth. In essence, it is for everyone. It offers fully sponsored fellowships for academic and professional pursuits, Master’s degrees, and doctoral research. For citizens of both developing and developed nations.

Great Wall Program

The Great Wall Program is financed by the Chinese Ministry of Education if you want to study abroad in China. The complete scholarship supports foreign academics and students from underdeveloped countries who wish to study and/or do research in China.

Adelaide Scholarship International

The University of Adelaide in Australia provides overseas postgraduate students with scholarships that cover tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. The scholarship is available for a total of three years for PhDs and two years for master’s degrees. You must possess the equivalency of an Australian first class honors degree to be eligible.

Turkish Government Scholarship

International students of all nationalities are given the opportunity to study in Turkey by the Turkish government. Each year, up to 4,000 students may receive awards.

ABD Japan Scholarship

If you are looking for fully financed scholarships then kindly apply in ADB Japan scholarship program. It aspires to give eligible individuals of poor nations the chance to pursue post-graduate degrees in subjects relevant to economics, management, science, technology, the environment, agriculture, health, and development.

New Zeeland Government Scholarship

You can apply to any field of interest in New Zealand Regional Development to finish two years after acquiring new skills in your field.

QS Leadership Scholarship

Each year, a prospective postgraduate student who demonstrates strong leadership qualities and/or service to a particular community or cause is given this scholarship, worth US$10,000.

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