The National Head of WAEC Briefs Journalists in Lagos

The National Head of WAEC Briefs Journalists in Lagos

The National Head of WAEC, Mr. Patrick Areghan announced that the 2023 the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)will take place from May 8 to June 23.

The National head of WAEC, made this announcement at a pre-examination briefing yesterday in Lagos.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), one of West Africa’s biggest testing organizations, has over the years upheld a reputation for conducting assessments in a fair and reliable manner.

The 2023 WAEC examination seems to be no different because the council has put procedures in place to make sure it runs smoothly.

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First off, the council said that the 2023 WAEC exam would be held May and June. This gives candidates enough time to study for the examination and guarantees that it will be written before rainy season, which could disrupt the test’s logistical planning.

The National Head of WAEC Briefs Journalists in Lagos

Second, the exam will be administered utilizing a computer-based testing (CBT) style, according to the council. This will make the exam more efficient and secure while also keeping up with worldwide trends in education.

The CBT format also offers the benefit of making it possible to grade test scripts accurately and quickly, which will speed up the process of releasing results.

The council has also said that it will use a variety of tactics to protect the validity of the test.

For instance, before allowing candidates to take the test, the council will utilize biometric verification to confirm their identification. This will make it easier to stop impersonation and guarantee that only legitimate candidates are permitted to take the test.

Additionally, the council will send a team of invigilators to every testing center to make sure the test is administered fairly and openly. The exam’s setting must be conducive for learning, and candidates must not commit any type of malpractice, according to the invigilators.

The WAEC Council has specified that applicants will be assessed in a variety of areas from the arts, sciences, and social sciences in the 2023 WAEC examination. This is consistent with the council’s goal of giving applicants a well-rounded education that equips them for the difficulties of the twenty-first century.

Candidates are recommended to start preparing early and to use a variety of study materials, including textbooks, practice tests, and online resources, to get ready for the 2023 WAEC.

In order to concentrate their study efforts on the topics that are most likely to be evaluated, candidates should also make sure they are familiar with the examination structure and marking scheme.

During the exam period, candidates should make sure to take proper care of their health and wellbeing. This entails getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, and drinking plenty of water. Additionally, candidates should abstain from any sort of misconduct because it may result in the revocation of their results.

Finally, the 2023 WAEC examination is expected to be an impartial and trustworthy test that will assess applicants’ knowledge and comprehension of a variety of disciplines.

The council has put measures in place to ensure the smooth operation of the exam and has recommended applicants begin their preparation early and take care of their health and well-being throughout the exam time.

The National head of WAEC concluded the briefing by saying candidates can only anticipate success in the 2023 WAEC examination with appropriate preparation and a dedication to ethical behavior.


Q: What subjects will be tested in the WAEC exam in 2022/2023?

A: Variety of topics from the arts, sciences, and social sciences will be tested for candidates. The specific subjects will be listed in the registration brochure and on the WAEC website.

Q: Will the WAEC test be computer-based in 2022/2023?

A: Computer-based testing (CBT) will be used to administer the WAEC exam in 2022/2023.

Q: How can I get ready for the WAEC exam in 2022/2023?

A: Variety of study tools, including textbooks, sample tests, and online resources, are encouraged for candidates to employ. In order to concentrate their preparation on the areas that matter, candidates should also make sure they grasp the examination format and the marking scheme.

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