Hey, we are back again to share with you some of the challenges facing Nigerian students today in education.

Students faces many challenges today in education which affects them and the society at large.

It is not arguable to say that students doesn’t face challenges today in education.

Take a good glance at some of the challenges Nigerian students face today in education.

Below are some the challenges facing Nigerian Students;



This is not a new challenge facing Nigerian students today. Many Nigerian students drop out of school because of lack of finance to complete their education.

This in turn make the victims not to accomplish their dream goals and they can’t contribute to the society at large.


This is one of the profound challenges facing Nigerian students today.

Nigerian teachers and lecturers often embark on strike which leaves the students helpless on what to do next.

Some of the crooks among the students may engage in social crimes thereby rendering their lives and terrorising the innocent people.

Cultism and Bullying

It is no longer a new thing that Nigerian students today form secret cults in school.

Some students in join these secret cult in order to inflict fear on other students.

But, some of these students join secret cults involuntarily maybe because they were bullied by other secret cults members or they don’t want to be bullied.

Superstitious Belief:

This is also one of the major challenges facing Nigerian students today especially the females.

Most of the Nigerian parents and guardians are of the opinion that “women’s education ends in the  Kitchen”.

Also, some parents think of it as a wastage of money for after training their female wards, the female ward will marry a man who didn’t spend a dime in training their female ward.

Peer Group Influence:

This is also a major challenge facing Nigerian students today.

Some of our students today keep bad companies who influence them in their characters.

Some of our students today do things their peers encouraged them to do so or because their peers are doing so they follow suit.

The uncommitted minds are the drifting minds that always go with the public opinion of ” they”; I pray because they pray.

Lack of facilities and equipments:

Many Nigerian students only know the theory part of things the teachers taught them.

This is because there is little or no facilities and equipments in school to aid them in their learning.

This in turn affects the students because though they are graduates of different departments, they cannot handle the machines in their area of work.

We beckon on the lawmakers, parents, guardians, teachers to aid in solving these challenges facing Nigerian students.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Cosmas, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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