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Tips on how to prepare for an impromptu examination

Tips on how to prepare for an impromptu examination. A must read for all students and fresher teachers.

Do you have an examination coming up but you not ready for it due to lack of time? Do you delay your reading of a course till exams is few weeks from date? Are you very occupied and prefer last minute reading?

Here are Tips on how to prepare you for an impromptu examination with high success rate.

This also applies for preparing for speeches, presentation and interviews impromptu.

In academics, there are many uncertainties which the most of this is impromptu examinations.

Most times we are not fully prepared for this and look for a way to start studying; but we give up due to shortness of time which results in failure. These tips are fast and very effective.


In any field of study, we see a lot of article relating to topic of study.

Fact is that these contain points but not all them is considerably relevant .

The relevant ones usually the recommended should be gotten from fellows, this would allow you follow laid out pattern and a greater oppurtunity of covering more useful information.


Fact be faced, time is not on our side and we must maximise the little we have to make up a better result.

For this to be done, we must keep off anything that divides our attention completely during time of study such as phones ,noise etc .

Make sure you read at your best place and best time befitting your fastest assimilation.

With this, understanding a subject matter would be easier and more articles would be covered.


Article pass messages containing concepts and principles in a particular field of study.

These concepts are not only meant to be read but to be deeply understood; they form the basis which the article was written.

This is done by going through the recommended article thoroughly and picking up all points and ideas, exploring them and understanding them.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Paschal, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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