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Top 9 Qualities A Good Student Leader Should Possess

In this blog, I will be discussing with you the Top 9 Qualities a good Student Leader should possess.

Leadership can be seen in different area of work and the students are not left out.

Being a student leader is not enough but being a good student leader does.

How do we know a good student leader? What does a good student leader do? Do you want to become a good leader to your fellow students? 

Have you been asking any of the above question? If yes, then continue reading to learn more.

I don’t know how long you searched but I can assure you that is here today with yours answers.

Many are student leaders but very few possess the qualities of a good student leader.

Qualities A Good Student Leader Should Possess

Research shows that a good student leader must possess the following:


Honesty is a virtue of telling the truth always no matter what it may cost you.

Some student leaders are not honest with their leadership which causes trouble between him, the student leader and his fellow students.

As a student leader, honesty should be the number one attribute students see when they talk about your leadership.

Hardworking and Perseverance

Another quality of a good student leader is Hardworking and perseverance. Hardworking is transmissible.

In other words, when a student is hardworking, the followers become hardworking too.

A good student leader, tolerate and endure the individual differences among his fellow students.

When a student leader is working hard and shows a true passion for something, they’ll inspire others to believe that they, can (and should) strive for excellence too.

Goal Oriented

A good student leader must goal oriented.

He or she must have set goal to accomplish with his leadership and administration.

Not having a goal to accomplish is like driving a bus with a destination, you will get lost somewhere.


Humility is also a very vital quality a student leader must possess.

A good student leader must be humble. Humble enough to serve his fellow students.

A good student leader leads by serving others. Without humility, a student leader is not good enough.

Be humble enough to listen to what everyone is saying to you. Give them a listening ear, even to the least person among you.

A good student care about others in his group as well as their thoughts too.

 Good communication skills

A good student leader must possess a good communication skill.

He share his ideas with other students in his group and ask them for their suggestions in a respectful manner.

However, some student leaders do not possess this skill. They do not ask for anyone opinion or share their ideas with the students in his group.

They just make decisions or carry out plans on their own without the knowledge of the students in his group.


As a good student leader, be positive, think positively. Do not always See or say negative things all the time.

A good Student leader believes that whatever goal he set can be accomplished, even if it may seem unachievable. Their confidence inspires the rest to be positive.

Decision Making

A good student leader must be able to make the right decision under any circumstances whether good or bad.

He takes responsibility for his decisions and do not blame any one when the group plan fails.

A good student leader must possess to ability to reward the hard work of the students in his group.

Also, he punishes erring student when the need arises.


A good student leader notices the strength and weaknesses of the students in his group.

He aspires them to use their strength to work and accomplish their set goals while assisting in the area of the their weaknesses.


A good student leader cares more about the welfare of the students in his group more than his.

Being selfless as student makes the students in your group to trust and respect you more.

This is all we for you on the top 9 Qualities a good Student leader Must possess.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend uncle Paschal, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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