Truancy In School: Causes & Solutions

In this blog, we will be discussing with you truancy in school: Causes, Effects and Solutions to it.

What is Truancy?

Truancy can be defined as the the action of staying away from school without good reason.

It does not necessarily mean staying away from school, it can also mean staying away from classes and lectures.

Today, truancy in school has become a major vice facing not just the students but the society at large.

I don’t know how long you searched but I can assure you that is here today with your answers.

Student partake in truancy due to one reason or the other, we will be discussing those reasons with you in this blog.

Causes of Truancy in School 

The causes of Truancy in school include but not limited to the following:

Influence of Peers 

This is a major cause of truancy in school.

Just like the saying goes “show me who your friends are and I will tell you whom you are”.

The type of peers a student keep influences him or her directly or indirectly.

Sometimes, one may see a serious and punctual student being a truant all of a sudden.

Well, the reason is not far fetched if his peers at school often stay away from school.

At times, one hardly notice he is trust at the beginning for he will have a reason to stay away from but the lesson is not enough.

Once a goat that does not eat yam start associating with a goat that eats yam, the goat will eventually begin to eat yam.

Over Freedom Given to Student by Some Parents

Charity they say begins at home. Similarly, truancy continues to operate if it’s not curtailed at home on time.

Some parents give their children too much freedom to do anything they(the children) deem fit.

These parents do not care to investigate if their wards truly attends classes or school. They use their works as an excuse for not having time.

At times, Some of the parents who eventually investigate do not take the necessary action needed to make sure their wards returns to school.

Student Apathy

Student Apathy is the lack of interest, concerns on the activities of the school.

Most times, students who has little or no interest in the school activities tends to be a truant.

Students tend to lose interest in the school activities when his performance in school is low.

Such a student, find it difficult to attend school as we know within him that his performance will still be the same.

Lack of Encouragement from Parents and Teachers 

Some students involve in truancy because they lack encouragement from both parents and Teachers.

These teachers when they notice a student low academic performance do not encourage the students to do better.

Some may even go as far as humiliating the students for their low academic performance. So sad

This however, weakens the students zeal to attend school or classes and truancy takes control of the day.

Some parents only praise and encourage their children when their academic performance is good.

The parents sometimes also, over scold  insult and discourage students over their bad academic performance unknowingly.

The School Location 

I know you must asking how the school location can cause truancy in school.

Well, it may interest you to know that the school location if far can cause truancy on students.

Imagine a situation where a student treks 5kilometres to and from the school daily. You will find out that the students may deliberately absent himself from school.

Also, such a student may absent himself from school if he does not wake up on time to meet the lecture time.

This becomes a challenge to such a student and staying behind at home some days becomes the only option.

Lack of Educational Facilities 

This is also a major cause of truancy in school. Lack of Educational facilities.

Imagine a situation where you lack major facilities that aids in learning. How will you cope with your learning?

Facilities such as: computers, electricity, good water supply projectors and many more.

Many schools in rural areas experience this and the students have to absent themselves from school as there is no facility to aid in their learning.

Lack of Teachers

This mostly affects the schools in the rural areas of some developing countries. A situation where there is no or small number of teachers to teach.

The presence of semi qualified teachers or no teachers at all can make students to stay away from school.

The lack of teachers sometimes is as a result of the poor salary they are paid.

Most rural schools pay their teachers poorly and this in turn affects the students standard of learning.

Standard of the School

How focused a student is in his studies sometimes is determined by the standard of the school he attends.

That is to say that, a students reads and fight for good grades if he finds himself in a high standard school.

However, if a student finds himself in a low standard school, the reverse will be the case.

By a high standard school, I meant a school with qualified teachers, good educational facilities and high discipline.

Solutions to Truancy in School

The solutions to Truancy in school include but not limited to the following:

  • Once you notice, the circle of peers you keep in school often stay away from the school, cut them off. 
  • Parents should make out time to for their children and know how they are doing in school.
  • Teachers should encourage their students and motivate them to do better including those with low performance.
  • Parents should not give their children free liberty of staying y away from school without any reason.
  • The government should provide enough educational facilities to schools especially those in rural areas.
  • Qualified teachers should be employed and paid well when due without owing the teachers a dime.
  • There should be high discipline in schools will ensure full concentration from students.
  • Students who lost interest in the school activities are to start developing a passion for it gradually.
  • A school should be located in a place not too far from the school, to help reduce truancy in school.

This is all we have for you on Truancy in School.

Thank you for your time, I really hope this article can help as many students as possible.

I still remain your humble friend Mr. Paschal, use the comment section on this post if you have any problems, questions or concerns. I’ll be there to help you in my own little way.

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